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Oscrete HDĀ Fibres

OSCRETE launches new 6mm and 12mm High Density screed and flooring fibres.

Oscrete is pleased to announce that it has launched a new HIGH DENSITY synthetic fibre for use in cementitious screeds and concrete flooring applications.

Improvements. The new Oscrete HD fibre offers a huge improvement in performance over normal polypropylene fibres and with the exceptional increase in tensile strength, at 1700MPa, and a far greater specific gravity at 2.68 which means a more even distribution of fibres throughout the concrete matrix. These characteristics mean that Oscrete HD fibres provide much far better performance values in the cured cementitious floor.

The Oscrete HD fibres offer improved resistance to shrinkage and cracking in the plastic phase, a greater resistance to flexing and curling and a more durable wear performance due to the improved distribution of the fibres in the cementitious mix.

New applications. The Oscrete HD fibre is made from alkali resistant glass fibre strands which have a much higher degree of chemical and alkali resistance than previous and a far higher resistance to heat, meaning that the scope for use in flooring applications can now be extended to include heat resistant and refractory applications.

The Oscrete HD fibre is available in two lengths; 6 and 12 mm, making it possible to now use this high technology fibre in both cement based screeds and concrete floors.

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