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Glass Reinforced Concrete with Oscrete Flowcast

Oscrete has developed a revolutionary admixture for the simple, clean and effective improvement of GRC mixes. 

Oscrete Flowcast for GRC is a powder admixture supplied in 250g pre-weighed polythene sachets or loose in 15kg plastic containers, it can be used in both sprayed and premix (poured) versions of GRC.

Excellent increases in both LOP and MOR can be achieved making the curing and handling process much faster. Additionally potentially substantial cement savings can be realised through improved densities and strength gains.  

Furthermore the simple and clean sachet packs are easy to dose into the GRC mix giving obvious Health and Safety advantages over hand dosed liquid admixture and polymer systems. The accuracy of the dosing prevents waste and the storage benefits will reduce overhead costs.  

Sprayed GRC applications

Oscrete Spraycast is a powdered admixture which has been developed for larger, sprayed GRC applications.  Spraycast is used in place of liquid admixtures and polymers and promotes good build of the sprayed GRC in both vertical and horizontal applications. The dose of the Spraycast can be adjusted to suit the open time required, the depth of film build and the desired compressive and flexural strengths.

The required Spraycast dose to achieve optimum application and GRC performance can vary for each individual application and should be determined by trials.

Ready to use GRC in a bag

Oscrete GRC RTU is a new concept in GRC production. All the materials required to make a high quality, flowing, GRC mix are contained in a 25kg bag and this requires just the addition of water. Included in the bag are alkali resistant glass fibres, superplasticisers, a powdered polymer for the internal curing system, a blend of white cements and specially graded sands, all formulated and pre-weighed to produce high quality, ready to use GRC. ?

  • FlowCast GRC

    A unique powdered polymer/plasticiser blend for the production of Premix GRC.


    An all in one, ready to use GRC mix for use as a facing mix or for GRC architectural and decorative elements.

  • SprayCast GRC

    A unique powdered polymer/plasticiser blend for the production of Sprayed GRC.

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