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Mortars and Screeds

Whether it's the production of dry silo mortars, wet "ready to use" mortars or cementitious screeds Oscrete's long history of innovation and experience can help make cost savings in production and improve the quality of the final screeding product.

Oscrete Construction Product prides itself on it innovation and OSCREED QD has been specially designed to to help the screeder and the propert developer improve the speed of curing in screeds to allow fast access to follow-on trades and keep down-time to a minimum. Once again this new product development demonstrates the technology advances Oscrete offers to conctrete and screed producers.

  • Optomix A59

    Air entraining agent for mortars and screed.

  • Optomix A61

    Air entraining agent for mortars and screed.

  • Optomix A70

    Air Entraining Agent for Mortar & Screed

  • Optomix R42

    Concrete, Mortar & Screed Retarder

  • Optomix RW72

    Concrete, Mortar & Screed Water Reducing Retarder

  • Optomix SBR

    Polymer based water proofing bonding aid for mortars and screed.

  • Oscreed 893

    High range superplasticiser designed for concrete and screed.

  • Oscreed QD

    Fast drying admixture for screed.

  • Oscrete 6mm HD

    Designed to control plastic cracking in mortar and sand/cement screeds.

  • Oscrete 12mm HP

    Designed to control plastic shrinkage and settlement crackin in sand/cement screeds.

  • Oscrete Fibre-Roll

    Is an Alkali Resistant continuous multi end glass fibre for use with fibre cutting machines.

Oscrete Specialities

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