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Synthetic fibres for use in concrete and screeds.

Oscrete distributes both 'micro' and 'macro' synthetic fibres to the precast and readymix concrete industries in the UK. Forta Ferro 54mm is designed to replace non-structural steel, resulting in substantial cost savings for the customer. The Oscrete range of 12mm and 6mm micro fibres are a cost effective wa of reducing plastic cracking in concrete, mortar and screeds. Oscrete Fibre-Roll is a continuous multi-end glass fibre roll for use with fibre cutting machines.

  • Forta Ferro 54mm

    Macro synthetic fibre designed to replace non-structural steel in concrete.

  • Oscrete 6mm HD

    Designed to control plastic cracking in mortar and sand/cement screeds.

  • Oscrete 12mm HP

    Designed to control plastic shrinkage and settlement crackin in sand/cement screeds.

  • Oscrete 67/36

    A 'Macro' Alkali Resistant Glass Fibre.

  • Oscrete Fibre-Roll

    Is an Alkali Resistant continuous multi end glass fibre for use with fibre cutting machines.

  • Polyex Micro 12mm

    Designed to control plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking in concrete and sand/cement screeds.

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