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Osperse Distribution Partners

Osperse collaborates with international chemical manufacturers to provide the most comprehensive range of fine chemicals and speciality additives for the UK construction industry.

Our distribution partners are highlighted below. Please click on the link to access their website or visit theOsperse Product Guide page for full product information.

OSCRETE SPECIALITIES is UK and Ireland distributors for the following principals:

Japanese based manufacturer of special cements and additives. Cement additives produced at Denka OMI plant include DENKA CSA20 (Shrinkage compensating additive) and DENKA SC1 (Very high early strength additives).

Chemetall is a global supplier of speciality chemicals and Chemetall supply Lithium Carbonate as an additive for accelerating the set time of fast setting cements.

Part of the AKZO NOBEL group.

Elotex AG is a Swiss based leading international producer of building material additives.

Elotex manufacture High Quality Redispersible Powdered Polymers and Speciality Additives. For use in construction applications such as cement mortars, adhesives, coatings for floors, stucco, tape joint compounds and wall paper adhesives to the ready mixed mortar industry.

Peramin is part of Lafarge Aluminates and has a long established track record in the manufacture and supply of additives for theconstruction industry.

Product range includes Melamine based and Polycarboxylate based Superplasticiser powders, shrinkage reducing additives, defoamers and rheology modifying additives.

Encore is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing value added native and derivatives of polysaccharides and has kept itself abreast in the emerging trends of Guar, Tamarind and other natural polymer thickener applications in various sectors.

STIKLOPORAS JSC is a manufacturer of white expanded glass of the highest quality, also known as granulated foam glass. the company's headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Lithuania in Northern Europe.

Unger Functional Material Ufapore T-range covers all the air entrainers needed, depending on the amount of air, bubble size and structure. Ufapore T-range is suitable for both mechanically and manually applied plasters, mortars and renders.

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