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Precast Concrete

Oscrete realises that the manufacturing process of precast concrete is not simple. Precasting takes various guises; from mass production techniques for CBP to bespoke high value architectural elements. This variation demands many different types of production equipment and different concretes which create great challenges for the producer.

Oscrete has a deep understanding of precasting and is the only admixture producer to offer a designated product range for the different  types of precast production.

Concrete Block Paving with Colourplas admixtures

Structural wetcast concrete using Alphaflow admixtures

Cast Stone with Ospave admixtures

Hollow Core Flooring using Betacast & Ospave admixtures

Masonry blocks with Sigma admixtures

Roof Tiles using the Tegla range of admixtures

Oscrete branded admixtures include a specialist range of waterprooferswater repellents, air entrainers and accelerators which have appliactions in all types of precast concretes.

Oscrete Specialities

Fine chemicals for product manufacturers

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