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Oscrete develop 3 new versions of Renocem FC for Precast repair applications

Oscrete has launched 3 refined versions of it’s successful precast concrete repair mortars with different setting times to suit different temperatures.

The new range consists of Renocem FC 30 with an intial setting time of around 30 mins at 15 degrees, a 15 minute setting time version for winter conditions. Finally, to complete the range, a 1 minute set version has been created for concrete repair applications that require the benefit of  very quick initial set, for example; rapid repair of insitu precast units, repairs to damaged concrete units leaving the factory and even repairs to concrete units that are subjected to wet or running water conditions. The Renocem FC1 is supplied in a handy 10kg bag to allow for easy transport to sites and to cater for small repair situations. 

This choice of setting times means that precasters can now choose a specific concrete repair compound to suit prevailing climatic conditions and a product that is adapted to the practical repair requirements of precast concrete.


The new RENOCEM FC product range is as follows;

Renocem FC30; 25 kg bag of polymer modified concrete repair material –  initial set at 30 minutes at 15 degrees

Renocem FC15; 25 kg bag of  polymer modified concrete repair material –  initial set at 15 minutes at 15 degrees

Renocem FC1; 10 kg bag of polymer modified accelerated concrete repair material –  initial set at 1 to 2 minutes at 15 degrees


For more details or for a trial sample please contact Oscrete Customer Services or Technical Department on 01274 393 286

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