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Oscrete launches new series of PCE based super-plasticisers

Oscrete has recently launched 3 new super-plasticising admixtures designed to enhance the Alphaflow range of superplasticisers that are used in wet structural precast production. 

These new additions to the already well regarded Alphaflow range are created on the platform of Oscrete’s new generation polymer molecule which has been adapted especially for precast applications where high early strengths and high flow, self-compacting characteristics are key.

Each of the three new admixtures offers different rheology and strength characteristics that allow a good degree of performance choice to suit different types of precast concretes. Importantly, all of the new admixtures contain special additives that ensure improved air release which in turn produces a smoother and denser surface finish.

  • Alphaflow 500 a super-plasticiser for low w/c ratios and high ultimate strengths.
  • Alphaflow 550 an accelerating-super-plasticising blend to give high early strength.
  • Alphaflow 600 a blend of super-plasticiser and Viscosity Modifying Agent for creating SCC when using mixed or poor quality aggregates.

If you want to see the products in action or arrange a trial at your plant, please feel free to contact your Oscrete Regional Manager for further information.

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