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Powder admixture FLOWCAST gives GRC producers Health and Safety benefits.

The Flowcast powder admixture is designed especially for use in Glass Reinforced Concrete.

With its integrated polymer and superplasticising components all available in a simple sachet, Flowcast offers the precast producer enhanced strength gain, better flexural characteristics and faster demoulding time.

In addition, because Flowcast is supplied in a simple sachet which is accurately dosed directly into the mixer, this means that large containers of plasticisers and liquid polymers are no longer required. The immediate benefits of storage reduction, tidiness, elimination of slip and skid risks are instantly realised. This gives substantial Health and Safety improvements to the GRC producer.

For more detals on Flowcast  for GRC please call the Oscrete Technical Service on 01274 393 286

Visit the Flowcast website and see the video of Flowcast GRC superplasticiser in action

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