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Forta Ferro 54mm fibre concrete used in 11,000m² vehicle park

Location; Teddington, Glos. (Nr. M5 exit, Evesham)

When W. Gilder Limited, property developer and contractor, invited Hunstmans Quarries to assist with the supply of concrete for the planned commercial vehicle park near the M5, it presented an ideal opportunity to utilse Oscrete's Forta Ferro 54mm fibre in the 11,000m² slab.

Forta Ferro 54 will provide crack free concrete and prevent curling at the edges of bays which is a crital factor in areas trafficked by heavy vehicles. In addition to the security of a high performance reinforced concrete slab, the decision to use Forta Ferro 54 fibre concrete meant that the contractor could completely eliminate the use of reinforcing steel, thus saving the cost of the steel itself, the transport costs and the labour and time required to place, fix and tie the A252 steel mesh.

Huntsmans added the Forta Fibre to the concrete at their plant at Stow on the Wold at a dosage of 2 kgs/m³ and delivered it to the site with the Forta Ferro fibres completely dispersed through out the concrete, ensuring comprehensive reinforcement to all area of the slab.

In addition to the savings in steel and labour, the use of Forta Ferro 54 also allowed the contractor to enlarge the dimensions of the bays to 3.0m x 6.0m thus reducing the costs of the joint sealing materials.

The concrete was poured between June and November 2013 and the site is now ready for the construction of accommodation and additional service facilities.


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